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The first step to be executed after Cantara Console Installation is to complete the configuration of the administration screen.

To complete base configuration setup
  1. The configuration path is defined automatically. This file will contain the base configuration.
  2. The Session Timeout is the time (minutes) that a console user session will be maintained. If the user does not refresh or request a page within the time-out period, the session ends.
  3. The Tenant ID is the Rinami's Customer ID you can find this number on
  4. Database JNDI Name / Database Type are the configuration details needed by the Cantara Console to be able to connect with the database.
  5. Max Total, Max per Route, Connection Request Timeout, Connection Timeout and Socket Timeout are parameters related to the connectivity between Console and other Cantara components: Assur instances, Worker instances or Load Balancers.
  6. Click the Save Config button.

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