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Cantara Routes provide for the routing of files based on meta data and service configuration. A route can be triggered by either calling a REST service or monitoring of an IMAP mail account. A single route can have one or more destinations defined. The following destination types are available:

Destination TypeFunctionality
PRINTEREnables the printing of the file to a designated printer. Actual files that can be printed will depend on the capabilities of the printer.
FTPEnables the storing of the file in an FTP folder.

Enables the storing of the file in an SFTP folder.

SMBEnables the storing of the file in an SMB share.
EXTENSIONEnables the processing of the file and associated metadata through a Cantara Extension.
MEDIAEnables the storing of the file to the designated media queue and creation of the required attachment record with JDE.

The following topics provide detailed information about using the route service:

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